Week 16


Including a new section for Vapor communities around the world. If you are aware of one, please let us know, we would be glad to include a big shoutout to them. Lets bring more people to the community!.

Community Contributions

Add convenience protocol for enums

Allow enums to be easily saved and restored from native types.


Make on() public

Fixed to allow creation of custom router methods


Made Bool conforming to SQLiteDataConvertible

Added conformance to the SQLiteDataConvertible to the Bool type


Added quotation marks to the serialized header values

Added missing quotes in values other than encoded file content. Check the discussion about this here. Fixes vapor/multipart#22


Tagged releases


Username/Password Authentication in Vapor 3

Brought to you by @anapaix

Username/Password Authentication with Vapor 3

Token Authentication in Vapor 3

Brought to you by @anapaix

Token Authentication with Vapor 3

How to get started with The Vapor 3 Framework

Brought to you by @steffendsommer and @siemensikkema

Get started with Vapor 3

Playing Pokemon with Vapor 2

Brought to you by @sagnew

Playing Pokemon with Vapor

Developing and deploying Vapor 3 with Docker

Brought to you by @bygri

Developing and deploying Vapor 3 with Docker

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