Week 18


WWDC 18 is around the corner, lots of excitement for the upcoming news and with that in mind our communities are very active to gather us to watch it and enjoy and, of course, talk Vapor. A big shoutout to our Vapor communities in Berlin, London and Tokyo for their plans. Please come and join us! It will be awesome!


Current version 1.7.1

Community Contributions

Add support for connecting to a Postgres database via Unix sockets

Unix sockets have lower latency and higher throughput than TCP sockets. There are reports that indicate this to be particularly relevant when using Google Cloud SQL proxy.


Add RSA encrypt and decrypt and adapt API

Added encrypt and decrypt capabilities to the RSA class. Old APIs deprecated and new methods that take DigestAlgorithm as parameter.


[Swift 4.2] ReflectionDecodable extension for CaseIterable enums


Extended MySQLCapabilities with MariaDB specific capabilities

Circumvented an assert in MySQLHandshakeV10.swift that failed with MariaDB 10.2 or later because of specific flags.


Add support for loading and storing Decimal

Add initializer to MySQLData for Decimal values and a MySQLDataConvertible extension on Decimal so it can be converted from and to string-form as expected by MYSQL_TYPE_{,NEW}DECIMAL.


Support for Emoticons Unicode in MySQL


Tagged releases

Current Version 3.0.3


Write a CRUD API using JSON

Brought to you by @martinlasek

Write a CRUD API using JSON

How to use JWT

Brought to you by @amlug

An example on how to use JWT

Leaf files syntax highlighting in Xcode

Brought to you by @ashokgelal

Automatically setting color scheme for .leaf files in Xcode

WWDC Special

Our friends from Vapor London had created a Special Meetup to cover the WWDC. Come and join us! :D

Vapor WWDC Meetup

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