Week 22


Hello friends, we have included a new section called “Showcase”, yes, like the Discord channel, we thought that it would be good to let everyone know what Vapor is being used for around the globe and gladly share the news of production ready Vapor-based projects. We hope you find it interesting and useful and moreover if you find a project particularly interesting feel free to contribute. Also, if you have not done it already, check out the latest updates of the RW’s Vapor book and @azam has updated his course.


Current version 1.8.0

Community Contributions

Add .checkcolumn constraint convenience

builder.field(for: .pointsPerMonth, type: .doublePrecision, .check(.pointsPerMonth > 0.0))

Solves vapor/sql#17


Tagged releases

Current Version 3.0.5


Swift-ly becoming a Vapor 3 web developer on Windows

Brought to you by @antonyharfield

Swift-ly becoming a Vapor 3 web developer on Windows

Vapor Security XSS and CSRF

Brought to you by @cakinney



Vapor Scraper

Brought to you by @Eric_WVGG

Vapor Scraper


Butterbot is a blazingly dumb bot written in Swift 4.1 with Vapor 3.

Brought top you by NoRespect



BotBot is an open-source Slackbot for Marvel - a design collaboration platform that brings ideas to life.

Brought to you by @MarvelApp



Researcher - a simple mobile app and a website that allows academics to read and track the latest relevant papers that have been published in all the top scientific journals.


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